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In the 17th century the Dutch—traditionally able seafarers and keen mapmakers—began to trade with the Far East, and as the century wore on, they gained an increasingly dominant position in world trade.


International trade routes converge at Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, and at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a major international air logistics hub. Amsterdam is a major global financial center, a position the city has held since the Dutch East India Company (VOC) invented shares in 1602.


The Netherlands has trade in its DNA. Throughout the centuries, this relatively small northern European country has been one of the world's leading trading nations.


This DNA exists in the founding partners of The Dutchman Duty Free who have previous lives at the larger international Dutch B2B trading companies.


Over the last 5 years The Dutchman Duty Free has emerged into a

dedicated niche player in the luxury market with years of experience in duty free retail.


In contrast to other Duty-Free wholesalers, we are truly specialized in the duty free and travel market and not only guaranteeing consistent supplies, but also offering on-ground support for improving the overall performance and customer experience.


Our assortment consists of premium and leading A brands offering the most exclusive products in the categories Liquor & Tobacco, Fragrances, Cosmetics & Skincare as also Gourmet Foods and Beverages.

Welcome to The Dutchman Duty Free

"Importer, distributor and marketer"

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